Our Vision and Mission

We believe that sustained provision of expertise and information to the Council of Europe (CoE) and the amplification of the voice of the field-based NGOs is critical to positively impacting the work and the efficiency of the monitoring bodies of the CoE. By reducing the gap between national human rights defenders and the work of the CoE in Strasbourg, ACCESS aims to contribute to strengthening the overall monitoring and implementation of the human rights system across CoE member states.

Our mission is to facilitate the access of national civil society organisations to the CoE, and ensure that human rights are effectively protected and implemented through the procedures of the CoE.

Our goal is therefore to increase the understanding of the mechanisms and venues that are available to NGOs to participate in and impact the work of the CoE. We seek to develop the long-term capacity of national NGOs to strategically engage with the CoE mechanisms, as well as to advocate with their national law-makers and governments using the CoE standards, reports, resolutions and recommendations, to effectively promote and protect human rights.

Our primary objectives include providing information, assistance and training on the CoE human rights mechanisms to grassroots NGOs. To this end, we work together with national NGOs to facilitate and make more regular the submission of reports and other NGO input to the relevant CoE bodies. We further contribute to the coordination of NGO advocacy efforts towards the CoE.

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