NPM Newsletter

The European NPM Newsletter is a review of information deemed relevant for National Preventive Mechanisms against torture (NPMs) in the Council of Europe region.

Initially the publication of the European NPM Newsletter was part of the “European NPM Project” (2010-2012), which was funded by a joint European Union – Council of Europe Project entitled the “Peer-to-Peer II Project”. The purpose of the Newsletter is to keep the NPMs aware on an on-going basis of developments regarding their community and thus to nurture an active network of European NPMs.

The Newsletter is published in English and Russian.

As of 2016, ACCESS is the editor of the Newsletter, developing a new format, which aims to put forward the thematic discussions and the news from the NPMs, while the letter is otherwise intended to be used as a reference tool, with an increased provision of links. Members and experts of the European NPM Network are asked to choose a theme and to share their opinions and experiences on this topic. We will summarise the responses and the key trends.

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