About us

ACCESS – the Advocacy Centre on Council of Europe Standards, is a non-governmental organisation based out of Strasbourg, committed to promoting and protecting human rights in Europe. Our mission is to facilitate the access of national civil society organisations to the Council of Europe (CoE), and ensure that human rights are effectively protected and implemented through the procedures of the CoE.

We aim to promote the work of the CoE and strengthen the efficiency of its monitoring bodies by developing the long-term capacity of national civil society organisations to strategically engage with the CoE mechanisms. This will be achieved by increasing the understanding of the mechanisms and venues that are available to NGOs to participate in and impact the work of the CoE. Our approach includes increasing awareness and carrying out trainings on CoE standards with national NGOs; assisting national NGO partners in report drafting and submissions; as well as facilitating the coordination of NGO human rights coalitions and networks on thematic issues.

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