About us

ACCESS – the Advocacy Centre on Council of Europe Standards, is a non-governmental organisation based out of Strasbourg, committed to promoting and protecting human rights in Europe. Our mission is to facilitate the access of national civil society organisations to…

Our Vision and Mission

We believe that sustained provision of expertise and information to the Council of Europe (CoE) and the amplification of the voice of the field-based NGOs is critical to positively impacting the work and the efficiency of the monitoring bodies of…


ACCESS is currently focusing its activities on the following areas:  Social rights of persons with disabilities (Armenia) ACCESS and its partner Pyunic (the Armenian association for the disabled) have designed a project to improve the protection of social rights of persons…


Launching Conference on Protecting the Social Rights of Persons with Disabilities

On September 19 and 20, ACCESS and its partner the Armenian Association for the Disabled “Pyunic” are holding a two-day conference on “Protecting the Social Rights of Persons with Disabilities” in Yerevan (Armenia).

New project on the social rights of persons with disabilities kicked off in Armenia!

The Project “Promoting the Social Rights of Persons with Disabilities by Building the Capacities of Armenian Civil Society Organisations to Engage with Council of Europe Monitoring Mechanisms” kicks off in Armenia!

ACCESS’ opinion piece on the decriminalisation of domestic violence in Russia

Russia has decriminalised domestic violence. This means one step towards “traditional values” and two steps back from international human rights standards.